Trusted Breeders

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I encourage you to check out the following Aussie breeders. They have helped me on my way and are excellent at what they do. They are all very knowledgeable and take care in their dogs, the breeding process, and the puppies. 


Timberline Kennel

From Missouri comes the one who started the Timberline pedigree and has really brought these larger aussies down in size to a beautifully built mini Australian Shepherd that still retains the registry for AKC as Australian Shepherds and they are built with bone and amazing structure. She is the one to ask if you ever have a dog issue or even if you just want to chat dogs. She is amazing to talk to and hands down the ultimate breeder. 

You can find her webpage at:

and Facebook page:


Diamond K5 Aussies

Lisa Knoles owns and operates Diamond K5 Aussies in northern California. Not only is she easy to work with and also very knowledgeable about the breed, she has developed an incredible program with outstanding aussies. 


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Litton Aussies

Litton Aussies is ran by Erin Litton who takes great care of her Australian Shepherds. I admire her for her kindness and love of her dogs. Her dogs are all part of her family and it shows. She specializes in smaller mini to toy size Aussies, located in Virginia. 


Diamond H Aussies

Diamond H Aussies is an excellent choice for finding your furever friend. Amy is a very patient breeder that cares the world about her dogs and her program. Chewy came to us from here and we absolutely love everything about him.


Packet Ranch - Ghost Eye Mini Aussies

Penny Packet runs a tight ship (in every good way possible) and has some of the most beautiful home grown aussies I have ever seen. She has a variety of sizes in her pack. I love the countless amount of information she knows about how to raise the best puppies. Her "aussie" farm is a dream! 


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Hideaway Mini Aussies

Angie is one of the kindest breeders you will ever come across. She is down to earth and really cares about her breeding program and her dogs. She is located in Michigan and registers her dogs with ASDR. Her puppies are worth checking out!! 

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