Our home is your home...


Koska Kennel

Located in Southern Oregon our dogs are raised in home with fields of backyard to roam and play. All of our dogs are brought up with great care and affection. We strive to breed dogs of quality, not quantity. This means that we carefully select our future breeding prospects in which they have characteristics that meet our high standards. We want our dogs to be well rounded to perform well in show, agility, therapy, herding and to be an excellent dog around all creatures (human or not). 


We train all of our dogs towards their strengths as individuals. We believe that happy and healthy dogs make for better offspring. Australian Shepherds need plenty of exercise and do better in homes willing to give them a "job." We will match our puppies to the right fit and go to great lengths to assure our puppies (and new owners) will be happy by offering a lifetime of advice and support.


We are happy to film the puppies, take plenty of photos, and also video chat while you wait for your baby to grow up and you can pick your sweet baby up between 8-9 weeks old. Our future puppy owner's comfort with our breeding program is extremely important to us.

About who "we" are


Koska Kennel is ran by myself and my loving husband, Julen. We have two amazing children that help our program thrive by giving the puppies some run-for-your-money socializing skills. We enjoy everything Oregon has to offer and we don't hesitate taking our dogs with us everywhere we go. We enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, and will be taking our dogs to events. 

How Koska Began

Although I had literally zero experience in breeding I have been around dogs my entire life. I witnessed a few births and it not only grabbed my interest but it also was beautiful to experience life beginning. Once I started researching the genetics and traits that a breeder must understand and know before breeding my calling was knocking. I am a dog person through and through so that part was also easy. And if you have ever owned an "Aussie" you understand why I picked them to breed. 

My husband's family is from the Basque country which in theory is believed that the Australian Shepherds migrated from. Our name, Koska is the word for 'bite' in the native language of the Basque people. Our females are also Basque named.